Saturday, May 12

moved. i dont know how to use ftp. i admit it! ah. :) miss universe. my puerto rico. she's gorgeous. urgh. newae if u're looking for me, i'm at defineme. something easier to use for ppl like me, yah? :) meanwhile im still at {dosage} yah. tata folks.
new poem at fingerprinted.. :) thanx yah? um. i want to move. yes pronto. my journal i mean. chel says is the most user-friendly etc. yes. i should be moving. or maybe i wont use a blog or whatever. dunno. crap. just a journal on my page? or maybe i wont have a journal. yeah. aix. im being silly. dont know. fuggedaboutit. :) um... is oh hello closing? then ill have to take out all my poetry from yah. dunno (again!). im being crappy as usual. hmz. well. off to where she went? heh.

Thursday, May 10

image map image map image map baby... :) woah wee. look out for the beatles. and i cant believe my bad grammar in the last poem ... pls pardon. until i feel like editing i will. k yup tt's all.

Tuesday, May 8

i have roamed, intoxicated by wine
braver under the screech-owl's hoot
frolicking as light as a bumble bee
i've been half-possessed like a witch
with tousled hair and black undergarments
black magic rising as i dance the night
the moon's gloom imploring my retreat
ah, i have little time for her sort
freer than the wind i am her protege
she whirls me up and lifts my thoughts
faraway to the stars, those astral beings
i am theirs and my heart theirs alone
that incandescent beauty overpowers my ebony
leaving me in silent rapture, in awe
but they don't fade me, i am alive again
the queen of the earth and the beholder of the night
this vast land is under my command, it'll move
as i flow with the trees and shrubs
and rustic air between pine cones and fir leaves
when the wolf gives his majestic howls
i bathe within its splendour and share his glory
we are understanding of each other perfectly
he provides music to my wild rampant
as along with my owl and the silent rodents
my companions to these murky frontiers
wandering endlessly along that undefined path
till the moon gets her way and i am rested.
- midnight ramble/ a poem by bhtan:)

Sunday, May 6

Memorial Day for the War Dead
-a poem by Yehuda Amichai

Memorial day for the war dead. Add now
the grief of all your losses to their grief,
even of a woman that has left you. Mix
sorrow with sorrow, like time-saving history,
which stacks holiday and sacrifice and mourning
on one day for easy, convenient memory.

Oh, sweet world soaked, like bread,
in sweet milk for the terrible toothless God.
"Behind all this some great happiness is hiding."
No use to weep inside and to scream outside.
Behind all this perhaps some great happiness is hiding.

Memorial day. Bitter salt is dressed up
as a little girl with flowers.
The streets are cordoned off with ropes,
for the marching together of the living and the dead.
Children with a grief not their own march slowly,
like stepping over broken glass.

The flautist's mouth will stay like that for many days.
A dead soldier swims above little heads
with the swimming movements of the dead,
with the ancient error the dead have
about the place of the living water.

A flag loses contact with reality and flies off.
A shopwindow is decorated with
dresses of beautiful women, in blue and white.
And everything in three languages:
Hebrew, Arabic, and Death.

A great and royal animal is dying
all through the night under the jasmine
tree with a constant stare at the world.

A man whose son died in the war walks in the street
like a woman with a dead embryo in her womb.
"Behind all this some great happiness is hiding."

Saturday, May 5

'Til my body is dust
'til my soul is no more
I will love you, love you
'Til the sun starts to cry
and the moon turns to rust
I will love you, love you

But I need to know - will you stay for all
time...forever and a day
Then I'll give my heart 'til the end of all
time...forever and a day


'Til the storms fill my eyes
and we touch the last time
I will love you, love you...
- fisher 'i will love you'
hearing 'i will love you' by fisher on jack and jill last night made me cry really bad. so it was the last episode last night. :( my tears kept coming... cant describe it. it's the perfect song for late night thinking. haix.
Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
because a vision softly creeping,
left its seeds while I was sleeping.

And the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains within the sound of silence.

In restless dreams I walked alone
narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp,
I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
that split the night and touched the sound of silence.

And in the naked light I saw
ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
people hearing without listening,

People writing songs that voices never share
and no one dare disturb the sound of silence.

"Fools" said I, "You do not know
silence like a cancer grows."
"Hear my words that I might teach you,
take my arms that I might reach you."

But my words like silent raindrops fell,
and echoed in the wells of silence.

And the people bowed and prayed
to the neon god they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning
in the words that it was forming,

and the signs said "The words of the prophets are
written on the subway walls and tenement halls,
and whisper'd in the sounds of silence.
-sound of silence/ simon & garfunkel

Friday, May 4

had dialogue session with the principals today... for the pm board. i felt they're not really willing to accept our suggestions.. maybe in moderation? well the rule is no more coloured bra. poo. haha. its qt a silly rule actually. like food is totally out. im going to smuggle and break it... duh. ooh why m i talking abt rules? i love the jack and jill theme by pancho's lament. :) so we're going to hc for play. will buy tix from ian tmr... :)

Thursday, May 3

i wanna hold your hand by the beatles... it's good cheerful listening... :) and it describes how i feel... yah? :) up finishing hw. heeeee. on this night when everything is still and silent. i need an update. no inspiration though. poo..? maybe ill use james king again... i love her. i love her blondeness... and that kick-ass face. hmm.
breakable/ fisher

Do you always have to tell him everything
On your mind?
You know that too much honesty can be
So unkind

And every time you throw him to the floor
Why are you surprised to see he's breakable?

You always try to find what's holding him
Away from you
But do you ever see your anger standing there
Right between you?

And every time you throw him to the wall
Why are you surprised to see he's breakable?

Tell the world that he's breaking your heart
Go tell the world nothing's ever your fault
Go tell them all

And every time you throw him to the floor
Why are you surprised to see he's breakable?
And every time you push him to the wall
Why are you surprised to see he's breakable?

fisher is really nice... :) im here again. missed me? nahh. i decided heavenbound was too um.. cliche? crap lah... :) my my i really like sevendust now. cooooooool. :) my winamp's playing rainbow connection by kermit the frog now. heh i think the song's damn cute. we're going to use for class assembly yah.. :) haix. i haven't write script. just realised i got lots of things to do. maths hw, physics, class tee designs and so on... dance didn't get into finals. im sad but kind of relieved. tis over. TIS OVER. no more bun of hair... etc. ok im off.